Accessories for pipes

Standard flanges: slip-on, welding neck, socket welding, blind, thread, lap joint, spades, spectacles, blank, screwed, lapped flanges and special flanges, long welding neck, anchor, orifice, swivel/drip rings, hub flanges, butt welds, expanders, etc…

Seamless and welded butt welding fittings
Standard fittings: elbows, equal and reducing tees, concentric and eccentric reducers, caps and special fittings, reducing elbows, bends special radius (2,5D-3D-4D-5D-10D), barred tees, special flow tees, equal and reducing crosses, equal and reducing laterals, stub ends, header and extruder manifolds, reinforcement saddles, split tees, slug catchers, “Y” pieces.

Forged fittings (SW, BW, THRD)
Elbows, tees and crosses, couplings, reducing couplings, half couplings and caps, weldolets, sockolets, threadoles, nipolets, sweepolets, elbolets, latrolets, THRD bushings and plugs, seamless/hexagon and swage nipples, SW and THRD pipe unions, SW and THRD outlets, BW outlets, lateral outlets on pipes and bends.

Valves are designed and manufactured in Europe using only European materials, with emphasis on low emissions, safety, simple maintenance, ease of operation, and above all, long and reliable service life.

Sealing products
All types of sealing materials and gaskets for industrial flanges, pressure vessels, valves, pumps, furnace doors, etc...

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