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Our People

Impresit Metallurgica’s team works with Clients on their specific project requirements and equipment specifications. The company has extensive experience and expertise to handle and execute all aspects of oilfield and industry supplies. Impresit Metallurgica’s experience guarantees the Customer with high quality, cost-effective, prompt and professional supplies and services.
Major oilfield and industry companies and their projects demand reliable equipment at competitive prices, to which Impresit Metallurgica complies with its quality, technology and value. With its experienced personnel, Impresit Metallurgica has the expertise to supply materials at the optimum price, specification and delivery for important project requirements.
Using the experience and know-how within its organization, Impresit Metallurgica has built up a Client base over many years. Managing these relationships and ensuring on-time delivery of quality products allows us to secure repeat business and service long-term agreements. Impresit Metallurgica’s strength is to co-ordinate a complete package of supply, from various supply routes to destined points of arrival, often all at the same time. We have local agents who manage the smooth transition of materials to our Customers. This is a key strength which ensures that the job gets done and cuts through any red tape. Further, we offer the convenience of returning merchandise to accessible hubs in order to complete the supply loop.
To support its larger contracts, Impresit Metallurgica has strategic supply relationships with various mills throughout the world. We work with accredited factories, but insist on our own quality regime to ensure a quality product is delivered to our Customers. To secure on-time delivery from source to destination, Impresit Metallurgica has also developed a strong shipping and freight forwarding network. Export documentation is a key area to which the company pays particular attention to detail. Getting it right the first time is a must to ensure successful delivery and customs clearance.