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Our Goal

Our objective is to provide a solid platform of products and services for our Customers.
Our philosophy is to continue developing our business within the framework of a small company mentality. This enables us to be agile and respond quickly to our Customers’ needs. The nurturing of good relationships and our positive can-do attitude makes Impresit Metallurgica the supplier of choice.
An important fact about Impresit Metallurgica is that prices are very competitive and delivery time is short.
Impresit Metallurgica’s goal is to realize growth, not only through the provision of important supplies and services in the metallurgical sector, but also by placing the respect for and satisfaction of the Customer as its top priority. We believe that with dedication, innovation and clear objectives, together with our Clients, it is possible to achieve a sustainable level of development that meets the demand.
This is the principle that has been continuously applied to the company. The success accrued over the years has not diminished the desire to improve our performance levels and our Client services, and we have managed to maintain the same entrepreneurial dedication that has always distinguished us. With this conviction, we look toward to the future as an important time for the company.
We therefore believe that continued growth lies with both our level of experience as well as with our Clients’ satisfaction.