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Impresit Metallurgica

  • High level of experience
  • Supply chain management
  • On-time supply
  • Quality
  • Best price due to high-volume buying power
  • Worldwide deliveries
  • Ex-stock materials
  • Engineering services
  • Supported by monthly mill capacity allocations, allowing better than industry standard delivery
  • Sound operational and logistics expertise
  • Technical support and backup

Impresit Metallurgica's Technical Support has developed a Supplies Specification that references past orders to steel suppliers. You can simply browse through the specification's index to understand the quantity and type of metallurgical products that have been prescribed. In comparison to national or international standards, specifications are often characterized by omissions or generic prescriptions. All of our clients, who for various reasons are unable to produce their own specifications, know that they will receive products that not only conform to national or international standards, but also conform to a specification designed to ensure a higher quality product.

IMPRESIT METALLURGICA's technical department conducts internal analysis, inspections and audits of its suppliers to continue to ensure that it is providing its clients with products that meet the required specifications in terms of quality.
Sales and Purchases
Impresit Metallurgica’s inventory is strategically located for shipment worldwide. Impresit Metallurgica’s mill agreements leverage large orders into significant savings for drilling and production projects. Impresit Metallurgica has a monthly capacity reservation with our mill partners that allows us to change products up to six weeks prior to completion ex mill. Impresit Metallurgica has developed relationships with several mills, which allows us to hone the supply options based on the location of the mill to the drilling location and also to the delivery required. Impresit has experience of industry markets, such that we ensure sufficient, in-stock inventory of standard products in order to satisfy the majority of well designs.

Our company has always chosen quality as its philosophy in establishing a closer relationship of trust between providers and clients, thus improving product reliability for our clients on the end market.

An extensive range of products (construction, tools, stainless, antiwear, pipes & chrome bars, cold-finished).

Our company also offers our clients a trained and experienced Quality Assurance and Technical Service staff to provide advice on materials, processing methods and heat treatment, for preparing technical supply specifications based on the planned use of the materials.

In reality, IMPRESIT METALLURGICA is a sales agent of highly specialized steel products. The wide range of materials available allows Impresit Metallurgica to offer a service that adequately and more sophistically meets users' needs.