Steel long products

Reinforcing Bar
Reinforcing bar (or Rebar) is formed from a steel billet, normally having surface deformations for use in reinforcing concrete. The bar can be produced in straight lengths as well as coiled.
Rebar is used in the construction industry to reinforce concrete.

Merchant Bar
Merchant bar is a range of commodity carbon steel long products including round, square and hexagonal bars, angles, channels and flats. Maximum diameter or width is usually 80-100mm, although flats up to 150mm wide are included. These are a staple item for many steel stockholders, large or small.
Merchant bar is widely used in the manufacture and fabrication of a broad range of engineered products.

Structural Sections steel beams and shapes
Heavy or structural sections are steel products such as beams or columns which are usually formed with a specific cross section shape e.g. H, I or U.
Used to build large structures such as multi-storey buildings and bridges.

Wire Rod
Hot rolled from steel billet, wire rod is delivered as coil, most commonly at 5.5mm dia, but in sizes up to 60mm dia. Close control of final cooling is a critical part of production. The most important characteristic for determining a rod's end use is its drawability; the extent to which the rod's diameter can be reduced during the drawing process.
Low carbon rod is used for undemanding applications like fencing wire and concrete reinforcing mesh, while medium and high carbon rod goes into higher performance uses like steelcord for car tyre reinforcement. Some rod (cold heading carbon and alloy grades) is used to make fasteners (bolts, screws, nails, rivets), and alloy rod is commonly machined into products like engineering bearings. Some rod provides filler metal in welding operations.

Steel rails and steel sleepers
Impresit provides a wide range of high performance rail products and railway infrastructure services to the international rail sector. Impresit supplies flat bottom “Vignole” rails for mainline applications, grooved rails for urban application, the most advanced steel sleepers in the world, a range of special crane rail profiles for overhead gantries and floor-mounted cranes.

Steel sheet piles
Impresit offers a wide range of steel sheet pile profiles, steel foundation piles and combined walls. Impresit steel sheet piles have long been familiar to designers and constructors because of the long-standing reputation and technological characteristics that have led to their wide use for permanent structures, temporarily installed soil-retaining construction, and temporary coffering.