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Individual Customer requirements vary widely and are driven by product application. This is also prejudiced to a large degree by the origin of the product. Impresit Metallurgica understands this. Impresit Metallurgica understands that manufacturing plants are all unique and none are infallible. Impresit Metallurgica understands the skill level required in defining this for individual manufacturers. Impresit Metallurgica understands the need to have the availability of fully qualified inspectors, who are familiar with and aware of the specific production facility utilized, both technically and geographically. Impresit Metallurgica undertakes the monitoring of all, newly manufactured products, and its standard inspection criteria for each individual product and location can be provided for your consideration prior to order, and are of course open for Customer revision.
Impresit Metallurgica can also provide a full range of inspection services for materials supplied on an ex-stock basis, for basic visual inspections and for objectives which can be agreed upon prior to order. With many years of experience, we have found that only through this process of acceptance of goods prior to shipment can both parties be ensured that their needs will be fully met. This can also be invaluable in cases where damage or loss occurs during subsequent handling or shipment.
Impresit Metallurgica operates with Quality Management Systems in line with UNI EN ISO 9001, audited internally by our qualified staff. All technical and commercial operations of the Company are subject to the provisions of this ongoing Quality System. Copies of our Quality Assurance manual are available upon request.
Impresit Metallurgica’s driving objective is to supply products that exceed the governing specifications and to provide the most economic total cost to end users within the required time frame.
Impresit Metallurgica only supplies new, fully certified products, with full traceability to the original manufacturers. Newly fabricated products are delivered complete with extensive quality control, undertaken by internationally recognized TPI inspection agencies.